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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


ETFs, Message Boards and Volatility by David Mann

“What would happen to our hypothetical ETF if it became the apple of the retail world’s eye? Could it possibly go from $30 to $100 in a single day?”


Exchanges compete to improve ETF investor experience by Jackie Noblett

“You can have the greatest ETF on the planet, but if it doesn’t have good trade execution, it’s going to leave people with a bad taste in their mouth.”


It Was Business as Usual for ETF Investors in January by Ben Johnson

“While meme stocks were making headlines, new money continued to pour into broadly diversified, low-cost index ETFs.”


How Investors Turned to ETFs for Liquidity and Market Access in 2020 by Matt Bartolini

“The events of 2020 suggest that growth will also be fueled by investors who are making even greater use of ETFs as effective tools for liquidity, price discovery, and market access.”


Cathie Wood Is Wall Street’s Hottest Hand. Maybe Too Hot. by Jason Zweig

“43.5% of ARK’s total equity holdings are in stocks of which the firm owns at least a tenth of all shares outstanding.”


2020 ETF Trends: Opportunity Expands, Fees Contract by Elizabeth Kashner

“2020 brought record ETF flows with expanded opportunity for purveyors of tactical funds, strong interest in active management, and a huge uptick in ESG ETF demand but with increased price sensitivity across all asset classes, segments, and strategies.”


ETFs For The Bold & Brave by Heather Bell

“Leveraged and inverse ETFs are trading tools more than anything else. However, there are many ways to use them—and some can be quite surprising, and maybe even a little dangerous.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:


ETF Chart of the Week:  The ARK ETF lineup has now surpassed $50 billion in assets, less than a year removed from totaling $3 billion.

Source: Bianco Research


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