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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


Bitwise CIO: Digital Asset Adoption is Reminiscent of 2000s ETF Growth by Tanaya Macheel

“Today ETFs are the primary way people invest in the market, he said, and are almost universally heralded for driving down the costs of investing and helping millions of people save and invest better. Now he’s helping investors understand the fundamentals of bitcoin, and unsurprisingly, he’s observing similar behavioral patterns.”


ARK ETFs Might Be Too Popular for Their Own Good by Evie Liu

“Anytime you see any fund that has such significant stakes in such a large number of firms, capacity becomes a concern.”


Vanguard Signals Fee War Intensifies With Active Bond ETF Plan by Katherine Greifeld and Claire Ballentine

“Low cost products are increasingly winning the lion’s share of the investor assets.”


The ETF space race heats up with one giant leap from a star manager by Andrea Riquier

“People are buying UFO as a way to front-run what they think could be inside one of the hottest managers’ portfolio. It’s like in Vegas: everyone wants to get on the winning table.”


Five Reasons the SEC Should Approve Bitcoin ETFs by Eric Balchunas

“The SEC is seen as dragging its feet unnecessarily on the issue of approving ETFs that focus on cryptocurrencies.”


Farewell, Mutual Funds by John Rekenthaler

“ETFs are positioned to overtake mutual funds.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:


ETF Chart of the Week: The relative appeal of various investment vehicles versus mutual funds…

Source: Morningstar’s Russ Kinnel


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