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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF chart of the week!


Robinhood Army Propels Thematic ETFs to a Record-Setting Year by Kamaron Leach and Claire Ballentine

“ETFs built around a theme – think telemedicine, gaming, even pet care – are on pace for their best year of inflows ever.”


ETF growth becomes big plus for index managers by Trilbe Wynne

“ETFs have been tested in the past, but there was always a question around, ‘what would happen when there’s stress in the market?’”


DFA plans $20 billion dive into ETF market by Jeff Benjamin

“This is a late move and largely a defensive move, but they couldn’t afford to sit on the sidelines anyone longer.”


ETFs Moving Beyond Passive Roots by Cinthia Murphy

“Is the effort by issuers to keep feeding the beast with new fare leading the industry astray, away from the core benefits of ETFs in the building of a low cost, well-diversified portfolio?”


Exploring Defined Outcome ETFs by Ben McMillan & Nicolas Rabener

“There has been very little discussion in the media about structured products in comparison to stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs, but structured products represent a huge market with approximately $7 trillion invested globally.”


What is securities lending, why do ETFs do it and is it risky? by Emma Boyde

“Lending out their securities, which would otherwise be untraded, gives them an opportunity to generate additional earnings that can help keep management fees down and improve returns for investors.”


No, Democrats Aren’t Gunning for an ETF Tax Hike by Bernice Napach

“The next administration will surely be looking to raise some taxes, but that doesn’t mean that ETFs are in their crosshairs or that the next Congress will aggressively hike taxes.”


ETF Tax Benefits Continued In 2020 by Todd Rosenbluth

“One of the benefits investors in ETFs have historically enjoyed is strong tax efficiency. Based on the initial forecasts from the top three asset managers, 2020 has continued that trend.”


ETF Chart of the Week:  Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) launched their first two ETFs this week.  Additionally, DFA announced plans to convert six existing mutual funds into ETFs and reduce their fees.  Why is DFA, an enormous player in mutual funds, finally getting involved in ETFs?  This chart helps explain…

Source: RIA Intel


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